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To make a guest deposit, please enter the beneficiary's information (all fields are required).

Make a Deposit to a Cardholder's Account

If you'd like to make a deposit to a cardholder's campus account, you will need your students Transact Campus ID Number. This 9 digit Campus ID number can be found on the LOWER RIGHT Corner on the BACK of the users campus card. Students will have a number starting with a "3" and end with a number like "01". (Faculty/Staff may have a number starting with a "1" or "2")

Please, only use the FIRST 9
digits and drop off the remaining 2. Most cards have a total of 11 digits.

The First Name and Last Name verifies the EXACT name as printed on their Cyclone Card. Please check with your student how this information is printed on their ID card.

The MINIMUM Deposit is $20.00 to a Maximum amount of $350.00.

If you are having any problems with entering this information, please call the campus ID office at 908-852-1400 x2291.

About the Cyclone Card

The Cyclone Card is the official campus identification card for all Centenary College students, faculty and staff members. It is required for all active members of the Centenary College community. Please refer to for additional information about the Cyclone Card.